Banting breakfast in Subsaharan Africa

Low carb life-style is actually the healthiest diet man could have as long as we stick to healthy choices.

Banting in Sub-Saharan Africa can be very expensive if you try to do exactly as blogger in the US or SA are doing. Fortunately there is so very good alternative if you leave in in country where all those fancy products are not available.

So a typical breakfast would be:

  • Hot beverage
  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Vitamins

Hot beverages options are: tea, coffee… with sweetner, prickle sugar or whatever suits you.

Protein options could be:

  • Eggs, omelets, scrambled, boiled…fashion it to your taste
  • Meats: sausages, ground meat, chicken fillet….anything you can afford
  • Calcium: cheese, cheese spread, curled milk, cottage cheese (you can even make your own, its inexpensive and very easy. Milk will actually give you plenty of…..carb so stick with the yogourts and cheeses)
  • Vitamins: Vegetables, green VGs, low sugar fruits if they are in season

Sometime if I have left over Beaterleaf stew, I will just throw that on the stove for breakfast.

Banting or Lowcarb life style is actually the most recommended not only for weight management but for healthier life style.


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