Cheap Low carb coffee yum

Delicious easy to make creamy coffee

  • 2 instant coffee sticks (100F XOF, 0.2 USD)
  • 2 coffee spoons of sucralose (splenta type of substitute), sugar (mixing half sugar half sucralose is ok too)
  • 1 teaspoon of water

Mix all in the cup you will have your coffee in, whisk with the spoon for about 2 min, the longer you whisk, the creamier the coffee will be.

Once it looks like icing, you are done.

You can add coconut oil to make it bullet proof but add the coconut oil and or the butter bits at the time and whisk it in so the cream stays together.

It if falls apart, not to worry: just pour in your boiling water or hot milk and there you go.

This can also be used as icing substitute for cakes, fruits or whatever.

This thick coffee really does the trick in the morning rather you are on a diet or not, it low carb, low calorie, high in fat so it leaves you feeling full for hours.


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