MY 1st Fringe Necklace is finished

Ok, I am done with this 1st fringe beaded necklace. its very easy but time consuming.

This one was actually inspired by a picture I got online, don’t remember where….let’s see how it will turn out

Skill level: beginner

Time consuming: 20 to 40 hours for 1 necklace, I did it over 10 days beading about 4 hr each day. you need long strings of thread and getting it tangled is time consuming. So don’t be in a hurry to finish.

Mine turned out slightly different essentially for 3 possible reasons:

  • I am a loose beader so my necklace is not as stiff as the inspiration looks
  • I used polyester thread, Nylon thread will definitely give a stiffer look
  • i increased the length of the fringes in the middle part


  • 15/0 Seed beads (optional 20g)
  • 10/0 seed beads 300g
  • 8/0 seed beads 70g
  • weaving thread and needle
  • clear nail polish
  • scissors

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