Growing Apples from Seeds in Sub-Sahara Africa Step 2

Ok, After 1 month in the fridge I took out my sprouts and separated them gently using water and a fork, you can probably use tweezers or anything handy as long as you don’t brake the roots.

I noticed that a little over half did sprout so I put back the unopened seed in the “zip lock” and in the fridge.

I planted the sprout individually, half in plastic cups with a mix of dirt and sand. the other half I put on egg tray that I cut in the middle so I would stack it with soil under and above the top tray.

keep your seedlings in a cool but sunny place, prefer the temperature to the light at this point cause pic in temperature will kill the sprouts. So I ll post again on this in a couple of week but the following day leaves started to pop up!


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