Just came back

Just came back after almost 3 month in South Africa. Brought back pitaya cutting, water kefir grain and tones of pic that I will start sharing. I ll share about KZN, Banting, probiotics and more.

Petit déjeuner pauvre en glucide en Afrique?

Un petit déjeuner pro-diabétique en Afrique Subsaharienne Un nutritionniste a dit sur RFI dans la semaine que le régime de type diabétique est en fait le régime alimentaire le plus recommande pour tous. Un bon petit déjeuner doit comprendre : Une boisson chaude Des protéines Du calcium Des vitamines Pour les boissons chaudes : the, café, infusion……

Délicieux café onctueux pas cher

Délicieux café onctueux pas cher 2 stick de café ou 2 cuillères à café de café soluble 2 cuillères a café de sucralose (substitut de sucre de type splenta) ou utilisez du sucre ou moitié-moitié 1 cuillère à café d’eau Mélanger le tout dans la tasse que vous utiliserez pour boire. Battez a l’aide de…

Cheap Low carb coffee yum

Delicious easy to make creamy coffee 2 instant coffee sticks (100F XOF, 0.2 USD) 2 coffee spoons of sucralose (splenta type of substitute), sugar (mixing half sugar half sucralose is ok too) 1 teaspoon of water Mix all in the cup you will have your coffee in, whisk with the spoon for about 2 min,…

Opensource video editing

Open source video editing is the answer when you need free video editing software. So last week I downloaded SHOTCUT. It’s light and can be used on pretymuch any system. Within 10 minutes I was able to work on my first video, and this week I ll see how to do Chromakey with it and…

Growing Apples from Seeds in Sub-Sahara Africa Step 2

Ok, After 1 month in the fridge I took out my sprouts and separated them gently using water and a fork, you can probably use tweezers or anything handy as long as you don’t brake the roots. I noticed that a little over half did sprout so I put back the unopened seed in the…

Growing Apples from seeds in Sub-Saharan Africa step 1

I love apples and I was wondering if I could Manage to grow them here in Senegal. Senegal is very hot and get little to no rain. the challenges are, germinating the seeds and flowering since flowering occurs only after at least 100 chill hours. so to do so you need apple seeds from apples…

First Fringe Necklace

This is my 1st fringe beaded necklace, should have take pictures earlier, well I guess I’ll do better next time. This one was actually inspired by a picture I got online, don’t remember where….let’s see how it will turn out Skill level: beginner to intermediate Time consuming: 20 to 50 hours for 1 necklace Materials:…

Beads, Beads, Beads

I remember that when I was in High School I used to make beaded Jewelry for myself, family and friends.

A Blog for a thousand passions

OK, after pondering a few month, I am finally jumping in the waters of blogging. I have a few passions that are: jewelry making, cooking, music and the Word of God.

Low Carb in Africa

Love to eat low carb but you need affordable recipes and tips to eat healthy in Africa or other developing countries where fructose and Xylitol are not available?

Workshops and Training

I organize workshops and training on various topics and themes. I am a die hard event planning lover and its always a pleasure to allow people to grow through workshops.